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Mark's Match Review - Hear what senior coach Mark Stone had to say after the game, including the quarter by quarter scores, the best players and goalkickers.

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2020 Men's Fixtures

2020 Women's Fixtures 






League Ladder
  P W L D % PTS
18 13 3 2 58% 28
Port Adelaide
18 13 5 0 56% 26
18 11 6 1 54% 23
18 11 7 0 52% 22
18 11 7 0 51% 22
South Adelaide
18 9 7 2 52% 20
18 8 10 0 49% 16
Central District
18 5 13 0 42% 10
North Adelaide
18 4 13 1 44% 9
West Adelaide
18 2 16 0 39% 4
Reserve Ladder
  P W L D % PTS
17 12 5 0 53% 24
17 11 6 0 52% 22
18 10 8 0 54% 20
Central District
18 9 9 0 51% 18
South Adelaide
19 9 10 0 47% 18
West Adelaide
18 8 10 0 51% 16
18 8 10 0 50% 16
North Adelaide
19 5 14 0 44% 10
U18 Ladder
  P W L D % PTS
18 15 3 0 65% 30
West Adelaide
18 12 6 0 53% 24
South Adelaide
18 11 7 0 59% 22
18 10 8 0 49% 20
North Adelaide
18 9 9 0 48% 18
18 7 11 0 45% 14
18 5 13 0 44% 10
Central District
18 3 15 0 38% 6
U16 Ladder
  P W L D % PTS
West Adelaide
7 6 1 0 61% 12
South Adelaide
7 5 2 0 56% 10
7 4 3 0 51% 8
7 3 3 1 47% 7
7 3 3 1 47% 7
North Adelaide
7 3 4 0 45% 6
7 2 5 0 48% 4
Central District
7 1 6 0 44% 2
Women Ladder
  P W L D % PTS
10 9 1 0 73% 18
South Adelaide
10 8 2 0 64% 16
North Adelaide
10 7 3 0 66% 14
10 6 4 0 58% 12
West Adelaide
10 6 4 0 46% 12
10 2 8 0 37% 4
Central District
10 2 8 0 32% 4
10 0 10 0 30% 0




Weekly Match Reports

We prepared well for West and expected a fast starting, high-energy high handball team and that played out.
Perfect conditions at Prospect for footy on Sunday and the prediction of a 39-all draw would’ve been a wild one.
Hosting the Crows at The Bay with Eddie Betts in the side was always going to be exciting, but add Jacobs, Gibbs, Douglas, Greenwood, Galluci, Jones and Poholke, plus Davis on a wing and the midfield battle looks pretty tough.



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Senior Coach - Mark Stone


SHOW Glenelg FC Officials


League Coaches & Officials

Senior Coach - Mark Stone

League Assistants - Paul Sherwood, Paul Sandercock

Team Manager - Brian Robinson
League Runner - James Wiseman
Bench Coach - Adrian Mitchell

Club Doctor - Dr. Grant Baker
Physio - Sarah O'Donnell
Head Trainer - Kate Williams
Trainers - Alanah Searles, Laura Holmes, Craig Goodenough, Austin Baker, Isaac Johnson, Lauren De Tullio, Sam Webster, Daisy Barlow
Water Stewards - Callum Dowd, Harry Saleeba, Belinda Schell
IT Specialists - Kelsey Jackmann, Millie Bishop
Strength & Conditioning Coach - James Wiseman
Property Manager - Rob Searles
Assistants - Tina Donovan, Kerry Donovan
League Timekeeper - Carolyn Jones


Reserves Coaches & Officials

Reserves Coach - Paul Sandercock
Reserves Assistant Coach - Damien Raidis

Team Manager - David Schell
Reserves Runner - Liam Wisdom

Reserves Timekeeper - Nadine Bolt

Under 18 Coaches & Officials

Head Coach - Kieron Hicks

Assistant Coaches - Brett Todd, Jared Millington, Scott Uppington
Bench Coach - John Liambis
Team Manager - Kerry Donovan
Physio - Lachie Surman

Head Trainer - Tammy Gough 
Trainers - Craig Goodenough, Amber Holst, Peter Power, Guy Dollman, Richard Cocking
Time Keeper - Peter Dunn

Under 16 Coaches & Officials

Head Coach - Scott Uppington
Assistant Coaches - Michael O'Dea, John Drum, Nigel Roberts
Team Manager - Dave Cooley
Time Keeper - Peter Dunn
Trainers - Guy Dollman, Richard Cocking

Junior Development Coaches

Junior Development Manager - Kieron Hicks
Under 15's Head Coach - Luke Hildyard
Under 14's Head Coach - Justin Scripps
Under 13's Head Coach - Glen Williams

GFC Women's Coaches

Senior Coach - Jason Fairall
Assistant Coaches - Lexia Edwards, Angela Moritz, Tammy Scott, Jarred Chaplain
Team Manager - Tina Donovan

Head Trainer - Georgia Crossman
Trainer - Amber Holst
Doctor - Dr Andrew Ryan
Physios - Millie Bishop, Tiffany Gray

Southern East Academy Coaches

Lower South East - Ciaran Buckley, Andrew Nitschke

Upper South East - Scott Carberry, Luke Crossling


Support Staff

Historian - Peter Cornwall
Club Photographer - Gordon Anderson
Ground Annoucer - Adam Pope
Club Chaplin - Simon Johnson
Mini League Co-ordinator - Simon Kreig
SANFL Development Officer - Scott Uppington




Find information about our Junior Development squads, Matt Bode Cup, Junior programmes, Auskick, School holiday coaching clinics, mini league and much more. The Glenelg Football Club Junior Football department plays an instrumental part in creating pathways to develop our young players to reach their full potential. Our Junior football team consists of Kieron Hicks (Talent  Manager) and is supported by Scott Uppington (SANFL Development Officer).  




Under 18's - Round 15 vs South Adelaide

Glenelg 9.6 (60) def by South Adelaide 18.15 (123)

Taking on the inform South Adelaide at Noarlunga was always going to be a tough task against their bigger and stronger bodies. Despite this, our focus was on winning 1v1 contests and trying to shift their defence by moving the ball.

The first quarter saw free flowing ball movement and using positional advantage when going forward. We were able to expose and capitalise on our strength of being small but quick up forward.  A high work rate and pressure style game saw us being able to create and take opportunities in front of goal.

The second quarter saw our work rate and South Adelaide begin to take control of the game. We made poor decisions with ball in hand and were unable to execute fundamental skills. Our 1v1 contests also dropped away.

We required a response in the third to stay in the game, which was provided for brief periods. However, throughout the term and the remainder of the game we were unable to win enough 1v1 position contests around the ground or provide team support where needed.

We now face North Adelaide again with a top 4 spot on the line.

Under 18's - Round 14 vs North Adelaide

Glenelg 11.11 (77) def by North Adelaide 15.11 (101)

Playing North Adelaide at Glenelg, we were always set for a challenge with both sides playing for a spot in the 4.

North Adelaide controlled the majority of the game with their spread from stoppages and ability to convert going forward.  While we were able to neutralise the contest on occasions, we struggled to capitalise when going forward.

Late in the 3rd and early in the last, we gained some ascendancy through the middle and pressed hard forward. We were able to hit the scoreboard on occasions to hit the lead but didn’t capitalise on all of our opportunities.  North Adelaide then responded to kick a number of goals in a hurry, which we struggled to defend.

We now face another big challenge in South Adelaide, who are in strong form.

Under 18's - Round 13 vs Norwood

Glenelg 9.10 (64) def by Norwood 10.12 (72)

In slippery conditions early on, the game was a tight and scrappy affair. We controlled a number of KPIs, however, we overused the ball by hand in difficult conditions. Norwood began to get on top halfway through the first quarter, wining the balling close and moving in direct to their forward line. They stayed in line with the ball and the contest, while we elected when we went and when we didn’t.

The second saw a much better response. Playing through the line of the contest and moving the ball direct to our forwards. This allowed 1v1 contests that we were able to win and convert from.

The third quarter saw us slip back into bad habits, waiting for the ball and looking for easy outside releases. We still had a few working hard inside to win their 1v1s but lacked a unified approach. Norwood took advantage of this, along with our poor ball use and decision making to kick away.

The final quarter required a big shift in our approach and the response was provided early by the entire playing group. Hitting the scoreboard early shifted the momentum our way. However, 2 quick goals midway through the term gave Norwood the lead back and we were unable to peg it back despite numerous chances.

While it was good to see a response in the final term, we were unable to convert late on the scoreboard. We now move on to North Adelaide at Glenelg next weekend. 



The best teenage footballers from across South Australia will put their skills on display in the 2019 SANFL U15 Intrastate Championships to be held across metropolitan Adelaide this week.



GLENELG 15.10 (100) def. CENTRAL DISTRICT 1.1 (7)

Goal Kickers: J. Walker 3, B. Summerhayes 2, N. Sims 2, L. Winterfield 2, R. Flamank 2, W. Charlick, O. McInnes, B. Pratter, S. O''Donnell
Best: D. McKenny, A. Zerk, J. Walker, N. Joy, N. Sims, O. McInnes



GLENELG 7.8 (50) def. CENTRAL DISTRICT 3.7 (25)

Goal Kickers: J. Ryan 3, J. Smith, W. Trevena, A. Lovelock, B. Hahn
Best: H. Brokensha, L. Scannell, A. Lovelock, E. Hooper, J. Ryan, J. Bartlett



GLENELG 10.8 (68) def. CENTRAL DISTRICT 2.5 (17)

Goal Kickers: W. Walker 2, F. Bradley 2, H. Bigmore 2, C. Paparella, N. Parr, E. Owen, R. Dowdell
Best: E. Owen, H. Bigmore, B. Carmody, T. Moyle-Read, F. Bradley, J. Robbie




GLENELG 6.7 (43) def by NORTH ADELAIDE 10.3 (63)

Goal Kickers: W. Charlick 2, M. Sims 2, N. Sims, B. Pratter
Best: J. Walker, D. Hunt, M. Sims, L. Thiele, N. Sims, A. Zerk



GLENELG 7.5 (47) def by. NORTH ADELAIDE 8.3 (51)

Goal Kickers: J. Ryan 4, J. Smith 2, C. Hildyard
Best: H. Brokensha, B. Hahn, J. Ryan, L. Scannell, J. Bartlett



GLENELG 17.6 (108) def. NORTH ADELAIDE 5.11 (35)

Goal Kickers: W. Walker 3, E. Draper 2, B. Carberry 2, N. O''Brien 2, Z. Walker 2, M. Fitzgerald 2, T. Murphy 2, H. Armfield, L. Schultz
Best: L. Schultz, T. Murphy, R. Drum, M. Fitzgerald, T. Moyle-Read


Under 18's - Round 11 vs Central District

Sunday June 23, ACH Group Stadium

Glenelg 15.7 (97) def. Central District 10.12 (72)

Playing the late game after the Reserves and League success, the boys wanted to continue their recent good form in front of more of a crowd.

The first quarter was started well with some clean and fast movement of the football. This allowed for deep and attacking forward 50 entries, seeing the boys kick away to a 4-goal lead. The second half of the quarter, saw our intensity and pressure around the contest drop away, allowing Centrals to capitalise and kick the next 3.

Addressing these areas and having a relentless approach to our game, where players stay at the required intensity for the remainder of the game was the main message. This was able to be done throughout the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters, where a number of positive transitions we played.

All players contributed throughout the night, with a good spread of goal kickers. The 3 U16 players that game up to play, each held their own and contributed to the overall performance of the team.  

We now have a week off before taking on the ladder leaders, Woodville West Torrens.


Under 18's - Round 10 vs South Adelaide

Saturday June 15, Flinders University Stadium

Glenelg 10.8 (68) def. South Adelaide 10.6 (66)

With 8 changes made to the side from the previous week, we were off to take on the in form South Adelaide at Noarlunga.

Conditions were cold and wet which resulted in the first half being a tight tussle. We were over using the ball by hand and looking for too small short options. Forward entries were shallow which allowed for easy South Adelaide rebounds. At the main break we were 3 points behind.

After the half time break, we were down to 22 fit players, that would be tested. The third quarter saw a more direct style of play with deeper entries into our forward 50. Our midfielders were strong around the contest and back 6 were defending well in the 1v1s. These efforts resulted in a 5 goal to nil term and set the game up in our favour. However, by the end of the quarter we were down to 17 players that were fit to take the field.

South Adelaide had the breeze in the final term, as we started the quarter with 17 players while other were receiving treatment. South took advantage of this and kick 3 goals in the first 5 minutes. Players were now being challenged right across the ground, with 18 now back on the field the boys worked hard in the contest and gathered their composure to impact the tempo of the game and slow it down. For the remainder of the quarter South continued to press, but the boys showed great character to hang on to a close fought win by 2 points.


Under 18's - Round 9 vs North Adelaide

Monday June 10 - ACH Group Stadium

Glenelg 11.12 (78) def North Adelaide 8.12 (60)

Playing North Adelaide for the second consecutive week, this time at ACH Group Stadium, we knew they would come out strong following the previously weeks defeat.

The first quarter was a scrappy affair, with North having the better skills under pressure and ability to execute inside their forward 50. We moved the ball from our defensive 50 through the middle, but forward entry execution and pressure was not at the required standard, allowing North to exit easily. North kicked the first 3 goals, to the boys’ credit they kept working away in the contest to kick 2 late goals in the quarter to go in 1 goal down.

The second quarter was much of the same, with both teams struggling to apply scoreboard pressure, with just the one goal kicked by Glenelg.

In the second half the game opened up with some more direct football being played and players were capitalising on their opportunities up forward. Early in the last we got out to a 2-goal lead, but 2 goals in a minute to North put the pressure back on. North were pressing hard, which the defence and midfield were able to withstand and then counter attack. 3 late goals secured an 18-point victory in a tight competition. 


Tigers Academy - Glenelg vs Central District



On Friday evening, the 31st of May, the U13 Tigers Academy Squad travelled north to play the Central Districts side.

Before the game, the coaching group spoke about the sporting challenge of been the travelling side playing in an unfamiliar environment. The first quarter of play demonstrated that this was a genuine challenge for the U13 Tigers group as we struggled to produce our best brand of football.

The players used this 1st quarter challenge as a useful tool to learn and improve. After some astute insights from the leaders within the playing group, during the quarter time break, the young Tiger men rediscovered a more meaningful style of play and started moving the ball with real purpose.

This improved method of play continued throughout the 2nd half as the players worked in unison to create opportunities for each other.

Once again, the coaching group struggled to identify best players, as everyone involved played well. Nine individual goal scorers was also a pleasing outcome.

Final scores were Glenelg 11.10 to Centrals 1.1.



The U14  Academy  team played against a very strong Central District team under lights at Elizabeth. Centrals were far more physical in both their appearance and attack on the footy are comfortably won each quarter. Our boys learnt a lot from the game particularly in regards to developing greater composure with the decision making skills under pressure and skill execution.   



Our long trek out to Centrals started from Glenelg FC in a pre-arranged Tiger bus to transport our boys to/from the game.

This was a good bonding experience for all the boys to get to know each other and spend some time together off the footy field.

Centrals are a highly rated team and we knew we were in for a tough encounter on their large oval. The first quarter, saw the physical

Central Districts players out of the blocks to lead by 4 goals at quarter time. Our boys needed to adapt to the physicality of the game and work our game plan around the enormity of the oval.

At quarter time we discussed that we needed to return to the way we played our footy and run the ball.

To their credit, our boys were not intimidated by the larger more physical northerners and adapted quickly to play our natural run on game kicking 5 goals to nil.

One goal up at halftime, we were confident of a strong showing against the highly rated opposition.

The 3rd quarter was very competitive, unfortunately some skills errors under pressure and some missed scoring opportunities saw us behind at the last change by a couple of goals.

Still within reach of a win, the boys battled and finished off the game well to eventually go down by 11 points.

Although a loss, the boys learnt a lot of what to expect when playing Central Districts again in the July School Holiday carnival.


U/18 Match Report - Round 8

Glenelg vs North Adelaide

Glenelg 10.13 (73) def. North Adelaide 8.6 (54)

Looking to continue to build on our previous match against Central Districts, the boys had some key focus areas including defensive position on transition, along with forward movement and entries.

Taking on second placed North Adelaide was always going to be a difficult challenge. The early morning conditions made for a scrappy game; however, our focus was to be strong in the contest, with pressure on the opposition. The players were able to put these elements into practice and controlled the momentum of the game but with limited of scoreboard pressure.

As the conditions fined up throughout the second and third quarters, our pressure around the contest continued and our ball use and efficiency lifted. The forward line was creating more space and looking more threatening to kick a winnable score. By mid-way through the final quarter, the margin was out to 40 points. The last 10 minutes saw us go away from the disciplined pressure game we had played for 3 quarters, allowing North Adelaide to kick 3 late goals.

All in all, it was a solid performance and our most consistent game for the season. Luke Edwards, Reid Kuller and Sam Liambis were excellent on ball, while Nick Jones and Tex Dowdell had controlled possessions across half back. Three players made their U18 debut with U16s Brodie Edwards and Nasiah Wanganeen coming up and holding their own, while Patty O’Dea came in an made an impact up forward with 3 goals.

This week we play North Adelaide again, this time at Glenelg in a triple header after the league.   


U/18 Match Report - Round 7

Glenelg vs Central District

Glenelg 8.14 (62) def Central District 9.4 (58)

Round 7 saw the Under 18s travel out to Elizabeth to follow the League and Reserves games. It was a match that we needed to achieve a win to stay in the mix of the top five.

On the large oval, it allowed our players more time and space to execute their skills as we used the ball well throughout the game in transition from our defensive 50 through the middle and to half forward. The contested ball efforts and willingness to stay in the contest at all stoppages was also at an acceptable level. However, our efficient ball movement fell down as we entered of forward 50 in the first 3 quarters. We were selecting poor options going in as Centrals dropped a spare behind the ball. Our inability to impact the scoreboard saw us behind at each break.

A change in tactic in the last saw quick entries to space which allowed our forwards to score against the beat the spare back and score with a little more ease. We were able to push the score out to 16 points in our favour with 7 minutes remaining, however Centrals went coast to coast twice in quick succession to bring the margin back to 4 points with 3 minutes remaining. Composed and controlled ball used from here and strength in the stoppage allowed us to hold on for a we fought and challenging win.

We now play North Adelaide back to back, who currently sit clear in second. A good challenge for the boys as our depth begins to be tested with School and State duties impacting. That being said, the 22 that take the field will be more than capable of producing the performance to achieve positive results.


U/18 Match Report - Round 6

Glenelg vs Woodville West Torrens

Glenelg 7.10 (52) def. by Eagles 17.6 (108)

Taking on the ladder leaders and undefeated Woodville West Torrens we were prepared for a tough challenge and physical contest. Building on what we learnt from our previous encounter, 3 weeks prior, the boys were able to control the initial contest. The first quarter saw our midfield holding strong in the stoppages and spreading from the contest, our backs were able to intercept across half back due to the pressure up the ground, not allowing an inside 50 until the 12 minute mark, and the forward movement patterns were creating plenty of space and opportunities. Despite these positives, we did not capitalise on our created opportunities, kicking 2.7 to 3.0.  

The second quarter started much the same. However, mid-way through the quarter, WWT started to control more of the uncontested possessions as our pressure on the contest dropped. From this point on the Eagle controlled the match, as we struggled to win the ball back and execute some of the fundamentals of the game. Players continued to compete in the latter stages of the game, but the inability to generate scoreboard pressure limited the capacity to influence the momentum.

As player movement continues to happen from game to game and players learn new positions, they will grow and develop and prepare for our next match against Central Districts at Elizabeth.


U/18 Match Reports - Rounds 3 - 5

Glenelg vs Woodville West Torrens

Glenelg 13.4 (82) def. by Eagles 18.5 (113)

The first quarter was an even contested with both sides engaging in a physical and contested style of play. A lot of the play was between the two 50-meter arks, as our defenders worked well together and linked through the midfield, however, we struggled to find a target across half forward and in the forward 50.

The second saw WWT maintain their strong contested ball game, but they were able to transition on the outside with spread and effective ball use. We struggled to respond to this and allowed easy movement into their forward 50. At half time being down by 5 goals.

Some regrouping at half time saw an increased work rate in the 3rd and some better linking plays through the middle and transitioning from offence to defence. The boys begun to utilise the space to their advantage and hit back on the scoreboard with 8 goals to 3.

However, in warm conditions, WWT turned the tides again in the last as we began to stop running. Resulting in WWT coming away with the win.

Reid Kuller was clean by hand and foot through the midfield, while Callum Park and Angus Weir both kicked 3 goals from the wings.


Round 4 vs Sturt

Glenelg 9.7 (61) def by Sturt 11.6 (72)

Looking to bounce back from the WWT match, we were jumped by a well drilled Sturt side. They were able to control the tempo in the third as we allowed them to find free targets with ease.

The second and third quarters saw the game swing in our favour through some hard work and disciplined football. We stopped kicking to their spare in our forward line and moved the ball with greater efficiency.

However, this again stopped in the last as Sturt kicked three early goals through their willingness to spread in transition and maintain structures. As we fell away from our ability to hold structure and respond to the challenge from Sturt and the momentum shift.

Reid Kuller was again a string performer along with Austin Kitschke who finished with 3 goals.


Round 5 vs West Adelaide

Glenelg 4.12 (36) def by West Adelaide 17.6 (108)

A disappointing start where we did not compete to win the contested ball or spread to cover their spread. Allowing them easy transition into their forward 50, making it difficult for our defenders. Giving up a 9 goal to 1 first quarter was always going to be difficult to get back.

Players worked more consistently in latter quarters and stuck to some structures as the game unfolded, however damage was done.

Will Schreiber was the standout player who won his position all day.


2019 U/18 Leadership Group

L-R Austin Kitschke (VC), Sam Liambis (C), Callum Park (C), Ricky O'Loughlin-Johncock (VC) Absent: Luke Edwards (VC)

Future Stars Head North

Camp 1 of the AFL HUB (SA) saw our Glenelg future stars head North to the NT for an end of year training camp. The 4 day camp took the boys to Alice Springs & Yulara where players were involved in training programs and cultural experiences. Our players involved were Will Gould, Brady Searle, Kaine Baldwin, Luke Edwards and Cooper Horsnell.


Expressions of interest: Development Squad Assistant Coaches

The Glenelg Football Club is currently seeking expressions of interest for Assistant Coaches to be involved in with the Under 18 or Under 16 2019 programs. If this is of interest to you, please contact Kieron Hicks at outlining your coaching history and capacity to be involved.

Development Squad Nominations: 

The Glenelg Football Club is accepting applications to trail for their U13, 14 and 15 Development Squads in 2019. If interested, please complete the attached for and return to Kieron Hicks, remember to check your residential address.

Click HERE to view the nomination form


2018 GFC Junior Awards

Glenelg Football Club last week held its club awards across both Junior and Senior competitions. Junior presentations were held across U/13's, 14's, 15's, 16's & 18's on Monday 10th & Wednesday 12th Spetember. The full list of Junior Award Winners can be found below. Congratulations to all winners!


2018 Junior Award Winners


Under 13's

MVP – Ben Ridgway

Development Award – Beau Symonds


Under 14's

MVP – Archie Lovelock

Development Award – Hayden Brokensha


Under 15's

MVP – Hunter Window

Development Award – Jake Swanson

SANFL Medallion – Hunter Window


Under 16's

Best and Fairest – Cooper Horsnell

Runner-Up Best and Fairest – Kaine Baldwin

Players Choice MVP – Cooper Horsnell

Under 18's

Best and Fairest = Adrian Corso

Runner Up Best and Fairest = Tex Dowdell

Players M.V.P - Adrian Corso

Best Team Man - Tex Dowdell


Junior E R Curnow Award - Tom McDermott


Development Squad Results // 2018


Game 1 vs West Adelaide at City Mazda Stadium

Under 13’s

Glenelg – 10.7 def West Adelaide – 2.1

Goal Kickers: Zac Earl 2, Ben Ridgway 2, Ryan Wurfel 2, Jed Grabia 1, Tom McKay 1, Kieran Scannell 1. Beau Symonds 1

Best Players: Ben Ridgway, Bodie Ryan, Zac Earl, Ashton Moir, Ben Camporeale


Under 14’s

Glenelg – 3.5 def by West Adelaide – 6.6

Goal Kickers: Hayden Brokensha, Will McAuliffe, Zac Spilsbury

Best Players: Charlie Hildyard, Hayden Brokensha, Jye Williamson, Jesse Arthur, Chester Forster


Under 15’s

Glenelg – 5.7 def West Adelaide – 3.4

Goal Kickers: Brodie Edwards 1, Jarrod Butterfield 1, Tim Stewart 1, Ben Nash 1, Max Coorey 1

Best Players: Max Coorey, Kane Viska, Jayden Davis, Jake Swanson, Hunter Window


Game 2 vs South Adelaide at Hickinbotham Oval

Under 13’s

Glenelg – 3.7 def by South Adelaide – 5.3

Goal Kickers: Ben Hyde 1, Charlie McAuliffe 1, Ben Ridgway 1

Best Players: Ben Hyde, Saxon Amber, Ben Ridgway, Macklen Mackay, Charlie McAuliffe


Under 14’s 

Glenelg – 9.6 def South Adelaide 2.5

Goal Kickers: Harvey Lambert 1, Jacob Blake-Smith 1, Jakob Ryan 1, Ayden Pribanic 1, Chester Forster 1, Matt Wolfenden 1, Zac Spilsbury 1, Hayden Brokensha 1

Best Players: Foster Mesecke, Zac Spilsbury, Hayden Brokensha, Matt Wolfenden, Will Clifford


Under 15’s 

Glenelg – 8.6 def South Adelaide – 3.5

Goal Kickers: Lewis Rayson 2, Corey Brougham 2, Nasiah Wanganeen 1, Darcy Crook 1, Ryan Jones 1, Domenic Vizzari 1

Best Players: Bailey Durant, Darcy Gluyas, Max Coorey, Domenic Vizzari, Jake Swanson


Game 3 vs South Adelaide at Gliderol Stadium

Under 13’s

Glenelg – 3.6 def by South Adelaide – 5.2

Goal Kickers: Ethan McAneney 1, Bodie Payne 1, 

Best Players: Macklen Mackay, Bowen Payne, Beau Symonds, Bodie Ryan, Archer Rouvray


Under 14’s

Glenelg – 11.4 def South Adelaide – 3.1

Goal Kickers: Harvey Lambert 4, Hayden Brokensha 2, Jakob Ryan 2, Jesse Arthur 1, Charlie Hildyard 1, Wil Trevena 1 

Best Players: Jett Thompson, Archie Lovelock, Hayden Brokensha, Foster Mesecke, Jesse Arthur


Under 15’s 

Glenelg – 11.5 def South Adelaide – 1.2

Goal Kickers: Finn Tierney 2, Daniel Nicotra 2, Corey Brougham 2, Jake Shelton 1, Fraser Agnew 1, Nasiah Wanganeen 1, Jayden Davis 1, Brodie Edwards 1

Best Players: Darcy Gluyas, Hunter Window, Daniel Nicotra, Jake Swanson, Jayden Davis


South East Carnival 

Under 14’s Game 1

Glenelg – 1.1 def by KNTFL 2.2

Goal Kickers: Foster Mesecke

Best players: Archie Lovelock, Matt Wolfenden, Will Clifford, Brodie Johnson, Hayden Brokensha, Foster Mesecke


Under 14’s Game 2

Glenelg – 9.11 def MSEFL – 0.0

Goal Kickers: Jake Pavia-Amato 3, Archie Lovelock 2, Jesse Arthur 2, Jye Williamson 1, Jakob Ryan 1

Best Players: Kunal Kaura, Jakob Ryan, Foster Mesecke, Archie Lovelock, Jake Pavia-Amato, Hayden Brokensha


Under 14’s Game 3

Glenelg – 3.1 def by WBFL – 3.5

Goal Kickers: Ayden Pribanic, Jakob Ryan, Will Trevena

Best Players: Foster Mesecke, Archie Lovelock, Jakob Ryan, Zac Spilsbury, Jesse Arthur, Matt Wolfenden


Under 15’s Game 1

Glenelg – 8.3 def KNTFL – 1.3

Goal Kickers: C Brougham 3, T Stewart 1, F Agnew 1, H Stagg 1, Ben Nash 1, Hunter Window 1

Best Players: Jayden Davis, Hunter Window, Corey Brougham, Kane Viska, Lewis Rayson, Jeffrey Gonjoran


Under 15’s Game 2

Glenelg – 6.4 def WBFL – 4.4

Goal Kickers: Hugh Stagg 2, Corey Brougham 1, Jack Hawke 1, Jayden Davis 1, Max Coorey 1

Best Players: Kane Viska, Jake Swanson, Lewis Rayson, Domenic Vizzari, Jarrad Parish, Jayden Davis


Under 15’s Game 3

Glenelg – 13.9 def MSEFL – 2.0

Goal Kickers: Hugh Stagg 3, Finn Tierney 2, Tim Stewart 2, Jake Swanson 1, Jayden Davis 1, Jack Hawke 1, Ben Nash 1, Corey Brougham 1, Hunter Window 1

Best Players: Hunter Window, Jayden Davis, Kane Viska, Jeffrey Gonjoran, Finn Tierney, Hugh Stagg 


Full results of the South East Carnival can be found through the Mid-South East Football Leagues (MSEFL) sporting pages. Photos of the carnival can also be found HERE