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Under 13s

Under 13 match v East Sydney Bulldogs

Training resumes on Wednesday August 20th at 4.15pm for Interzone and Development Squads for this match that will be played on Sunday September 7th

Please note there will also be a tea for players and families on Saturday Sept 6th (more details to follow)


This will be held at Glenelg Football Club Function Centre on WednesdaySeptember 10th at 7pm for all U13, U14, Matt Bode Cup, Interzone and Tiger League players

Last Development Squad Match

Glenelg          4        3        (27)    def by           North Adelaide         5        5        (35)

 Goals: B McCreery, B McCrae, M Short, D Robins.

 Best players: C Park, O Woolford, J Lange, K O'Garin.

 In what was a disappointing result we went down by eight points to an highly disciplined North side. Our effort to contain them in the last quarter for four minutes when they kicked three quick goals was inadequate to say the least. We must learn from this game to always put in a constant, determined and desperate effort. To not take it easy when we consider the match to be won. We lost our way and had no sense of urgency in those four minutes and let them dominate play to which we were second to the contest and our players did not respond positively to the challenge that was thrown at them. When we finally realised we had a game to be one it is terrific to see our smaller mosquito fleet throw themselves at the contest and to make every effort to attain back the advantage that we held for three quarters of football.

There were still a number of good passages of play with switching play which resulted in  a goal for us, standing at the goal line when the opposition were kicking for goal and able to kick and run the ball out.

 We can move on from this game knowing that in a game like football, it can change with a small amount of momentum and positive reasoning. There is no reason we cannot take on a challenge like this one has presented to us and we can grow stronger and learn as we develop into a fighting tiger unit.

 Our next major hit-out is against the Western Sydney Bulldogs on September 7th.  A training session is scheduled for the 20th August onwards with a special session on Saturday the 6th September at 3.00pm. A dinner /BBQ is planned on the Saturday night and all lads are invited to train on the Saturday and have dinner at the club on Saturday night. We will get numbers when we resume training after 20th August.



GAME 1 AT 4.15PM-Holdfast Bays v Event Cinemas Seahorses

GAME 2 AT 5.15PM- Gliderol Tigers v Seaside Maulers

Premiership Table
Gliderol Tigers           2wins  63.6%
Seaside Maulers         1 win   57.9%
Event Cinemas S/H    1 win   51.7%
Holdfast Bays            0 wins    29.4%
Following the matches there will be presentations of Matt Bode Cup and MVP awards
Families are welcome to stay for tea at the Club afterwards with a special Menu available.


Forw: H Wingard (3)     J Pole (22)      F Vine (4)
Half Fwd: B McRae (10)  M Short  (13)       K Dean (8)
Cent: S Lange (2)         O Woolford (9)          H Welsby (19)
H Back: J Moore (7)         C Park  (15)         K Garin (28)
Backs:  B Searle (16)     J CChalmers (26)         M Harry (14)

1st Ruc                              2nd Ruck              Interchange

T  Bishop(30)           for      M  Short          From: Xavier(25)

B McCreery (11)      for C Park                        B Morrison

J Giles (5)                 for       M  Harry        A Forbes  (12)

Brown ()



Glenelg          5        2        (32)    def     South Adelaide         4        6        (46)

Goals: 2 Harvey Brown, and 1 each to Beau McCreery, Fraser Vine and Louis Bonutto

 Best players: Beau McCreery, Macca Short, Josh Giles, Sam Lange, Owen Woolford.

 A special win tonight as we downed South by 2 points in a thriller.

 Our tackling was an outstanding feature in tonight’s win and in the three quarters of hard fought football we were on top of all the contestable stats. Their tall players had no respite in the constant pressure we put on their back & forward line and out little mosquito fleet were superb in our attack on the football at ground level and our endeavour to win the ball at all costs. We put them under pressure on all parts of the ground. Missing some quality players only helped our resolve to win the football many times and was well led by our captain on the night McCreery whose body work led to quite a few clearances by our ball carriers. Giles was also involved and improves every week. Brown was terrific in attack instead of defence and two goals is a real confidence booster. McCrae, Vine and Wingard were terrific as well as Morrison, Harry, Pole and Moore, Park, Lange and Welsby.

We seem to gain confidence each week and building to a climatic conclusion in next’s week game against North.

Our little mossies Bonutto and Flea never give up in a contest, Bonuttos opponent was nearly a metre in height bigger than he was and yet was able to slot a goal and had chances of many more!

Our only negative for the night boys was our kicking in the last quarter led to too many turnovers and let them back into the game. We must continually practice our delivery of the ball on the run and we must lift our head and spot up one of our players to negate this practice. I realise we tire but we must learn to concentrate be better prepared against our opponents on all skills.

We have to be faster, accurate and harder than our opponents and aspire to be the best we can be each time so we climb that staircase of experience through your footy careers.


Don Miranda


Glenelg 7-7 def Sturt 3-3

Best: Kristian O'Gairin, Callum Park, Beau McCreery. Tyler Bishop, Owen Woolford

The boys put in a solid effort all night winning each quarter. They showed some really good passages of play willing to take the game on and move the ball quickly.

Next match v South at McLaren FC on Wednesday June 18th



1st Round

Gliderol Tigers   10   4   (64)   def   Holdfast bays   2   1   (13)

Vote getters: Brady Searle, Harvey Brown, Owen Woolford, Tom Pearce, Callum Park, Cooper Beekan, Fraser Vine.

Event Cinema Seahorses   4   8   (32) def   Seaside Maulers  1   7 (13)

Vote getters: Reid Patterson, Luke Edwards, Carter Norman, Tylor Bishop, Kristian  Garin, Sam Warren,  Alex Staakic


2nd Round

Gliderol Tigers   14   4   (88)   def   Event Cinema Seahorses  12   4   (76)

Vote getters: Kristian Garin, Deacon Trembath, Jackson pole, Beau McCreery, Owen Woolford, Jordan Moore, Tylor Bishop.

Holdfast Bays   6   3   (39)   def   by   Seaside Maulers   11   5   (71)

Vote getters: Beau McCrae, Jack Downey, Austin Forbes, Callum Park, Zac Dumesney, Heath Wingard


Event Cinema Seahorses
Colours Black / Yellow Yellow / Black White / Black Red / White
Coach Wayne Smith Mitch Goldner Layne Trembath
1 Adam Beaumont Luke Brown Jack Downey Kane Fountas
2 Cooper Beeken Riley Carter Zak Dumesney Jayden Frankenfeld
3 Danial Binns Jackson Chalmers Luke Edwards Kristian Garin
4 Lewis Bonutto Jude Clifford Austin Forbes Corey Jackson
5 Sam Lange Bailey Lindblom Henry McAuliffe Corey Papparella
6 Beau McCreery Callum Park Ned Parr Reid Patterson
7 Tom Pearce Jackson Pole Lewis Rayson Connor Read
8 Lachlan Rees Mitchell Riddle Mackenzie Short Alex Staakic
9 Jacob Tidswell Fraser Vine Hamish Watt Heath Wingard
10 Owen Woolford Julian Day Beau McCrae Tylor Bishop
11 Josh Giles Max Harry Kane Viska Henry Welsby
12 Zac Fahey Darcy Gluyas Kye Dean Deacon Trembath
13 Jordan Moore Liam Bailey Ben Morrison Will Payne
14 Harvey Brown Bradley Searl Carter Norman Lochi Schmidt
15 Ethan Draper Jackson Davis Sam Warren Dane McGary
16 Dylan Draper Issac Richards
17 Austin Brigmanis



Glenelg Under 13 Development ResultsV Port at Plympton Friday 16 / 5 / 14

Glenelg          7        5        (47)    def     Port Adelaide           7        4        (46)


Goals: 2 each to Bishop, Woolford, and 1 each to Wingard, Short and McCreery.


Best players: Bishop, Woolford, McCreery, Searle, Short and Edwards.


With the first game over it is extremely pleasing to see all the lads chosen for the team putting in a strong performance at Plympton Friday night. Port were a very good side and never gave up at any stage of the match, but I feel our boys were brilliant at sticking to our simple structures to finally outscore them. Our backline were impressive with Searle, Park, Downey, Harry and Brown who continually held off a determined Port attack. McCreery played extremely well and was in and out of the packs as well as Pole who's endeavour and tenacity continues to grow. Woolford was shifted into the centre to give us some extra run  in the middle and finished running continuous attacks until being injured in the latter part of the game. Our potent forward line  in Short, Bishop Staakic, Wingard, Fountas and Giles continually put their backline under pressure forcing Port to kick quickly and forcing errors. Their defence held strong for most part but we were able to break their lines and score goals in each of the quarters. Our attack on the ball was pleasing to see and we overcame the opposition for disposals. Our wingers Edwards and Patterson were instrumental in our attacking movement and will improve each week as the season goes on. Having five different goal kickers is a great start and I look forward to seeing a lot of the players share the ball around. My congratulations to all the boys for their commitment and the way they responded to the challenge that they encountered during the game. To their credit they were disciplined.


Our disposal did let us down sometimes as we mainly kicked to a contest instead of running off and leading off our opponent and we must continue to work on this as we prepare for our next game and improve our intensity in our training. Port were a high quality opposition as well as in height compared with some of our Mosquito fleet but our endeavour to bring the ball to ground and outwrestle them was commendable. Friday night we played to a plan that we have been concentrating on for the 5-6 weeks. There are still quite a few things that we need to work on. This means that our players need to know our game style instinctively, ensuring that all our players will be swithced on from the outset and in the same game mode.

The challenge was on before the game as I brought up how I was disappointed with the boys training etiquette on Wednesday night as they seemed to be all over the place and very complacent and needed to prove to me and themselves that they have the aptitude and attitude to play at this level. They did not disappoint me and responed very well but I have let them know in no uncertain terms to bring this to training and lets us lift the bar and take the next step to advance our training to an even higher standard.

Congratulations to all the players and I look forward to our next challenge against Sturt.  As I have said before all lads that are training can be selected in the next team, no position is safe and I look forward to the next training so the boys can take the next step in their football careers.



Don Miranda






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