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Article Index
Coaches Report – Preliminary Final vs Central Districts
Semi Final
Elimination Final Sturt v Glenelg (RESERVES)
Round 23: Glenelg V Port Adelaide Magpies
Round 22: Glenelg V Central District
Round 21 Glenelg v North Adelaide
Round 20: Glenelg vs Norwood
Round 18: Glenelg vs Eagles
Round 17: Glenelg vs Port Adelaide
Round 16: Glenelg vs South Adelaide
Round 15: Glenelg vs North Adelaide
Round 14: Glenelg vs Norwood
Round 12: Glenelg vs West Adelaide
Round 11: Glenelg vs Sturt
Round 10: Glenelg vs North Adelaide
Round 9: Glenelg vs South Adelaide
Round 8: Glenelg vs Eagles
Under 16 Semi Final v Sturt
Round 6 : West Adelaide vs Glenelg
Round 5: Glenelg vs Sturt
Round 4: Glenelg vs Central
Round 3 Glenelg vs Port Adelaide
Round 2 Glenelg v Norwood
Round 1 Glenelg v South
ROUND 1: V South
Round 24: Glenelg vs Panthers
Round 23: Glenelg vs Norwood
Round 21: Glenelg vs Sturt
Round 20: Glenelg vs Port Adelaide
Round19: Glenelg vs North
Round 18: Glenelg vs Centrals
Round 17: Glenelg vs West Adelaide
Round 14: Glenelg vs South
Round 13: Glenelg vs Centrals
Round 12: Glenelg vs Norwood
Round 11: Glenelg vs Eagles
Round 10: Glenelg vs North
Round 9: Glenelg vs Port
Round 8: Glenelg vs Centrals
Round 7: Glenelg vs Norwood
Round 6: Glenelg vs Sturt
Round 5: Glenelg vs South
Round 4: Glenelg vs Eagles
Round 3: Glenelg vs North Adelaide
Round 2: Glenelg vs West
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Port 10.4 14.9 21.13 29.15 189
Glenelg 0.1 3.2 5.3 5.7 37

Goal Kickers: J. Scott , A. Hooper , H. Jolly , R. McFARLANE , A. Bradley
Best Players: W. Mcginty, A. Joseph, M. Proud


Port 1.2 3.4 5.10 8.11 59
Glenelg 5.4 9.5 13.6 17.7 109

Goal Kickers: L. Hender 3, W. Hancock 3, H. Gill 2, J. Pitt 2, W. Johncock , S. Underwood , B. Merrett , E. Gill , J. Hinge , T. Hutchesson , S. Craig
Best Players: S. Underwood, J. Carger, L. Earl, M. Galley, J. Miller, W. Johncock

Coaches Reports

On behalf of the Coaching and Playing group I would like to apologise to all concerned for our inept performance versus Port Adelaide at Alberton last Sunday.

We are now in the position where we are zip and two, and everyone involved needs to rally and pull together, as currently we are a long, long  way off where we planned to be.

We need to restore confidence quickly, continue to persist, and be prepared to be relentless in meeting our Pre –Season standards and expectations.

I for one am not going to start second guessing myself or the process I have put in place to take the club forward and have total faith in this group of players.

I am also extremely confident that with an honest all in approach and constructive feedback from everyone, we will witness a far more productive effort versus South this Friday.

We have just 5 days in which to recover, I look forward to the positive response.

Nick Stevens

Senior Coach

Reserves VS Port Round 2 Report:

Round 2 was great improvement from the reserves side. Our ability to win contested ball was outstanding and a huge improvement from last week.

Our mindset to work as a team instead of individuals really showed our players that we are a much better side when we do our role, rather than do our own thing.

Ball movement was generally pretty good and I thought that when we switched the football and moved it quickly, we actually caught Port Adelaide out.

Structurally I thought we set up really well. Hinge, Merrett and J Pitt worked hard from HF and although these 3 didn’t have huge stats I think them playing this role allowed us to achieve the style of play we were after.

Not only did we have hard working forwards our midfield was on top from the start of the game. Earl, Snook and Carger were competitive beasts, and H Gill, Hutchesson and Hender provided us with run and some speed through the centre of ground.

Not only were we able to create throughout the midfield we also created from half back. Johncock and Underwood used the ball well coming out of our backline and set up a lot of play, which is something that we lacked the week before.

Although we had a great win, one area we need to improve in is defending when the opposition have the football. At times we are happy to sit off and hope that the opposition turn over the football by foot.

All in all I was impressed with the way the players improved their mindset and worked on the areas that we were poor in the week before.

Looking forward to getting down to Hickinbotham Oval, Good Friday to take on South Adelaide.

Matthew Lokan

Reserves Coach

UNDER 18's

Glenelg 0.2 4.6 7.7 9.10 64
Port 2.5 2.8 6.16 9.17 71

Goal Kickers: B. Woolard 2, E. Chalmers , J. Stafford , M. Allen , J. Whaley , H. Kitschke , C. McPHERSON , B. Edwards
Best Players: M. Goldner, S. Kennedy, L. Green, L. Kangur, C. Westley, A. Brown

U18’s Coaches Report – Round 2 vs Port Adelaide

Our round 2 match V Port Adelaide at our home ground was a disappointing loss for our U18 group, losing our 2nd consecutive game by a close margin. This game played out in similar fashion to the previous week with each side having significant moments & momentum. Our group again started slowly & failed in the final stages of the game  to think & execute their way to a win.

Poor skills errors by hand & foot caused us to have far too many turnovers & not allowing us to have enough forward 50 entries to win the game. Port Adelaide’s midfield got on top at crucial stages & provided them a lot of drive. To our boys credit whilst things weren’t happening for them they continued to put battle on nearly willing themselves across the line.

Better Players:

Mitch Goldner performed well in the ruck, Sam Kennedy moving back to defence had a solid game. Luke Green & Cleve Westley battled on all day in defence & Lucas Kangur had moments through the midfield.

Steve Symonds

(GFC U18 COE Head Coach)

UNDER 16's

Glenelg 5.2 10.6 15.9 19.12 126
Port 5.1 7.2 9.3 11.6 72

Goal Kickers: J. McCREERY 5, O. Carthy 4, J. Whittlesea 2, H. Cock , J. Riddle , J. Strange , J. Scharenberg , C. Riggs , B. McCarthy
Best Players: J. McCREERY, J. Dukalskis, J. Scharenberg, A. Martini, S. Walker, O. Carthy



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