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South Australia has eight inductees for the next NAB AFL Academy intake.


All members of the victorious McDonald’s SA Under-16 side at this year’s AFL National Championships, Jack Graham, Jonty Scharenberg and Steven Slimming have all been selected in the Level 1 elite group.

Five Croweaters will continue their progression after being elevated to Level 2 of the NAB AFL Academy, which has a revised structure in 2014/2015 due to the Australian Institute of Sport’s decision to withdraw from the program.


Level 2
Ryan Burton (North Adelaide/PHOS Camden), Stephen Tahana (North Adelaide/Gaza), Aaron Francis (West Adelaide/Loxton North), Tim Sullivan (Glenelg/Port MacDonnell), Luke Partington (Port Adelaide Magpies/Tumby Bay).

Level 1
Jonty Scharenberg (Glenelg/PHOS Camden), Jack Graham (North Adelaide/Tea Tree Gully), Steven Slimming (Sturt/Unley).S



The recent SANFL club boundaries review has resulted in changes to the Glenelg Football Club promotional and development zones. These changes will apply from September 2014. These changes were required due to the reallocation of the Port Adelaide Magpies Football Club zone between the remaining eight SANFL clubs.

As part of the review process, myself and Justin Scripps our football director presented to the SANFL Boundaries Commission Review Committee. We were already the lowest in population numbers in our metropolitan zone (based on data used by the SANFL) so our submission was based on getting us back to a level playing field with the other clubs, plus getting our share of the PAMFC numbers that needed to be reallocated. We strongly pushed this point, along with our country zone remaining unchanged. The review process dictated that the final decision on boundaries would be made by the SANFL Commission upon the recommendation of the Review Committee.

It was expected from the start of the process that the Eagles would be allocated the traditional Port Adelaide metropolitan zone, being the Lefevre Peninsula plus the areas surrounding Alberton Oval. With the Eagles taking this area, this meant their southern boundary (our northern boundary) would move north. This has occurred, and we are excited that suburbs such as Henley, Fulham, Kidman Park and Grange are now part of the Glenelg metropolitan zone.

We have also gained suburbs or parts of suburbs that were previously in the West Adelaide zone. This includes small parts of Plympton, Camden Park, Netley and the area surrounding the Adelaide Airport.

We look forward to introducing the Glenelg Football Club to the schools and local clubs in these areas, explaining to them that the pathway to playing SANFL league and AFL football will now be through the Tigers.

We unfortunately have lost the southernmost part of our metropolitan zone, being the suburbs of Lonsdale, Reynella and part of Sheidow Park, to the South Adelaide Football Club. Glenelg members and supporters who live in these areas that are no longer in our promotional and development zone will still, and hopefully always remain Glenelg members and supporters. A line on a map does not dictate which club you should support.

What is important for all parents to recognise is that there are schools and clubs that were previously located in our zone that no longer are, that will have young underage footballers playing with them that still live in our revised zone. It is where you live, rather than the club or school you play for, that dictates which SANFL club you are aligned to.

Our club is happy with the changes that have occurred, and we are looking forward to working with all football players, schools and clubs that are in our new metropolitan zone. We are equally excited that our country zone remains unchanged, so we can continue the work we have been doing with our South-East based players, schools and clubs.

As a parent, if you have any questions on the new boundaries on zones, please contact our Talent manager Brenton Hole who will be willing to assist with your enquiries.

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