Life Members & Player Life Members

The Club has a criteria for the Board to follow when recommending Club Life Membership.

This is done in order to protect the integrity of the achievement. The Board may confer Life Membership on any member who has in a special degree promoted the objects and interests of the Club according to the Constitution. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, a person may only be nominated for Life Membership after a total of 10 years’ service to the Club.

Five and Ten Year Service awards are presented upon achievement. Merit Awards may be made to a member who in the previous year has performed in an outstanding way in any area of Club operations.

Glenelg Football Club Life Members

*denotes deceased

Graeme Bignell*

Nadine Bolt

Rocco Bonfiglio

Averil Brandon*

Murray Brandon*

Gwen Branson

Denis Brewster

Robert Brinkworth

Betty Brook*

Robert Burkett

Neville Butler

Dennis Campbell

Robert Campbell*

Vincent Carey*

Ricky Clayton

Brian Corcoran

Peter Cornwall

Mark Cousins

Tina Donovan

Fred Drolsbach*

Denis Eblen

Walter Elliott

Graham Ferrett*

John Fitzpatrick

Graham Fraser

Ian Hardy*

Mary Hardy

Bill Herron

John Hill

William Holst*

Peter Hood

Carolyne Jones

Ron Jones*

Neil Kerley*

Michael King

Raymond Larkin

Owen Lever*

Victor Lynch

Warwick Lumbers*

Cecil Maddern*

Graeme McCreery

Bob McGibbon

Brian McNamara*

Glen McPherson*

Brian Medhurst

Tony Mills

Raymond Newberry*

Stephen Newport

Sam Page

Rex Pearlman

Robert Pearlman*

Wayne Phillis

Graham Pittaway

Peter Power

Brian Riches

Brian Robinson

John Robinson

George Rolfe

Laurie Rosewarne

Colin Rugless

Brian Rundle

Belinda Schell

David Schell

Brian Scott

Roma Soulsby*

Des Staite

Geoffrey Tanner

Andrew Trembath

Brian Veale

Rex Waye

Robert Weekley

Joyce Weight

Patricia Whittaker

William Whittaker*

Avice Willshire*

John Okely*

Allen Wilson*

Terence Wilson

David Wright

Torrie Osborne

Glenelg Football Club Player Life Members

Kevin Abley

Brad Agnew

Richard Bone

Andrew Bradley

Mel Brock

Ray Button*

Neville Caldwell

Peter Carey

Colin Churchett

Brian Colbey

Stephen Copping

Graham Cornes

Chris Curran

Allan Crabb

Neil Davies

Chris Duthy

Ross Gibbs

Jack Hanley

Jim Handby

Simon Hele

Clem Hill

Kym Hodgeman

Christopher Hunt*

Ray Hunt

George B. Johnston

Trevor Kendall

Don Laffin

Rex Leahy

Arthur Link

Hadyn Linke

John MacFarlane

Peter Marker

David Marshall

Chris McDermott

Keith Olliver

Jack Owens

Fred Phillis

Wayne Phillis

Max Proud

Colin Richens

Len Sallis

Scott Salisbury

Matthew Snook

Tony Symonds

Rex Voigt

James West