History & Honours

Glenelg Football Club History

  • Club History

    1920 - Mayor of Glenelg, John Mack, convened a public meeting to inaugurate the Club, which took place at the Glenelg Town Hall on March 10th. Although no League position was available for the Club in 1920 the President of the Glenelg Oval Association, George Soward, received a letter from the South Australian Football League stating the situation would be remedied in 1921. A draft constitution was prepared, as was a set of rules.


    Glenelg Football Club has won 5 League Premierships since its inception into the SANFL in 1920

    CLUB PREMIERSHIPS: 1934, 1973, 1985, 1986 & 2019

  • Greats of Glenelg

    The prestigious title was established as the highest official honour at the Glenelg Football Club that can be bestowed upon its Players and or Officials. The Greats of Glenelg have been "dedicated servants of the club". Each of the 16 men who make up this elite group has a profound, permanent impact on The Glenelg Football Club.

  • Hall of Fame

    The Glenelg Football Club Hall of Fame commenced in 2001, when 25 former champions were inducted. On an irregular basis further inductees have been added and currently there are 43 members of the Hall of Fame.

    Glenelg's Hall of Fame recognises and enshrines players who have made a significant contribution to the Glenelg Football Club since its entry into the SANFL in 1921. A candidate's individual record, ability, integrity, sportsmanship and character are taken into account.

  • Life Members

    The Club has a criteria for the Board to follow when recommending Club Life Membership.

    This is done in order to protect the integrity of the achievement. The Board may confer Life Membership on any member who has in a special degree promoted the objects and interests of the Club according to the Constitution. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, a person may only be nominated for Life Membership after a total of 10 years’ service to the Club.

    Five and Ten Year Service awards are presented upon achievement. Merit Awards may be made to a member who in the previous year has performed in an outstanding way in any area of Club operations.

  • Honour Roll