Club News

117 donations made towards Tiger mascot fundraiser

The Club has been overwhelmed by the generosity and support of its community in rallying behind the Tiger mascot fundraiser. 

After over seven years with the former mascot costume, the Club decided to make an upgrade but faced a cost of $6,500.

Now, the Club is incredibly excited to announce that a whopping $6,400 has been raised by its loyal members and supporters. THANK YOU!

To show our appreciation, every contributor’s name will go on the new Tiger’s polo, as well as a plaque to be displayed at the club. The new Tiger is expected to arrive within the coming weeks.

Thank you to the following contributors:

Tony Clamp
Colin ‘Lumpy’ Gordon
Gregory Keane
Josephine Eitzen
Nigel Mullane
Quentin McIntyre
Chris Coppinger
kevin stephens
Peter Davis
Gemma Burdon
Brian Robinson
Janine May
Georgia Jarvis
Mali Jarvis
Michael & Susan Richter
Sue South
Peter Holtham
Max Hosking
Paul Glover
John & Kerry Wishart
White Karen
Chris Marshall
Amanda Wilson
Craig Goodenough
Jason Ruth
Russell Wright
Noel Avery
John Lawrence
Liam McBean
Robert Townsend
Peter Mourtzios
Ben Sachse
Danny Hubbard
Colin Eglinton
Michael Robertson
Kay Chesney
Meegan Brotherton
Vicki Levett
Alex Hosie
Stephanie Georgeson
Beemster Family
Max Atkinson
Garry Howard
Gayle Wright
Troy Fynnaart
Janet Fletcher
Derek O’Reilly
Gary Kuchta
Matt Newland
Ian Gates
Kerry Bourke
Tony Dawkins
Michelle Gerogles Austin
Mark Phelps
Craig Mason
Peter Richens
Charliie Mackay
Kristin & Peter Jeffery
Heidi Rickard
Blackfish Finance
Brendan Dennis
Sophie Martin
Wattle McGrath
jason Rowe
Kate Williams
Jack Tomlin
Annmarie Cox
Kari Johns
Grant Johns
Nadia Gencarelli
Loni Ashenden
Craig Cannon
Mark Hartmann
Gemma Phelps
Tina Donovan
Cheryl De Young
Luke Remfry
Michael Rozleja
Kate Stryker
Luke Rogers
James Holtham
Graeme Venn
Marc Barrington
Scott Mutton
Robert Smith
Brayden Newland
Kyler Newland
Hugo Thomas
Steve Newport
Rick Brokensha
Darren Pusey
Alex Henchliffe
Arden Sharrad
Reya Sharrad
Rueben Sharrad
Matt & Tracey Hannagan
Debbie Wing
Julia Rozleja
Maris Rozleja
Peter Campbell
Sophie James
Evie Maguire
Jeffrey Whalley
Matthew Groves
Peter Campbell
Sam Green
shane cowen
Megan Roach
Michael Reid
Abbey McNab
Deb Wheare
Vicki Kay
Molly Roach
Lily Roach
Nick Pedler
Leam Lucas