2023 GFC U13 & U14 Tiger Academy Announced

The 2023 Glenelg Football Club U13 & U14 Tiger Academy squads have been named.

The teams will play five Friday night games in May and June, with clashes coming up against Central District, North Adelaide, Sturt, Eagles and South Adelaide.

Both sides were selected from an intense half day session that was broken down into basic skills, decision-making drills, and a trial game.

The club looks forward to watching the players develop over the 10 week program. Congratulations to all involved!

U13 Squad


First name Last name Height Local Club
Josh Allan 164 Brighton Bombers
Archer Aristidou 164 Plympton Bulldogs
Cruz Campbell 163 Morphettville Park
Finn Clarke 160 Brighton Bombers
Jack Cornish 159 PHOS camden
Nicholas Davis 155 Lockleys Football Club
Charlie Edwards 158 Brighton Bombers
Jack Gallagher 160 PHOS Camden
Hamish Gordon 167 Morphettville Park
Tom Grantham 173 Morphettville Park
Lachlan Hall 165 Plympton Bulldogs
Judd Halliday 162 Lockleys Football Club
Jack Hanton 161 Brighton Bombers
Jack Kloeden 178 Plympton Bulldogs
Lachlan Lewis 163 PHOS camden
Lachie Macgregor 165 PHOS Camden
Archie Matheson 152 Edwardstown
Jed Petroff 159 Morphettville Park
Zane Rooney 170 Lockleys Football Club
Josh Salievic 170 Edwardstown
Hamish Scannell 168 Brighton Bombers
Brock Simmons 152 PHOS Camden
Emerson Stevens 154 Brighton bombers
Jackson Tatler 140 Phos Camden
Louis Taylor 160 Brighton Bombers
Harry Thompson 155 Phos Camden
Joey Weaver 163 PHOS Camden
Harrison Webb 170 Henley Sharks
Aiden Williams 172 Brighton Bombers
Angus Yarwood 160 Edwardstown

U14 Squad


First name Last name Height Local Club
Josiah Blanchard 164 Henley Sharks
Luca Bordignon 177 Lockleys
Lewis Woodcock 168 Marion
Ashton Braley 175 Goodwood Saints
Lucas Brzezinski 170 Lockleys
Tim Cain 176 Brighton Bombers
Mitchell Carr 153 Brighton Bombers
Oscar Dingwall 174 PHOS
Jack Evitts 165 Edwardstown
Easton Exelby 163 MARION
Max Harris 181 Marion Rams
Levi Hibberd 179 Marion
Matthew Inglis 183 Brighton Bombers
Joshua Jarrad 183 Brighton FC
Oscar Krause 165 Phantoms
Taj Latty 175 Plympton
Tex Launer 182 Marion
Jay Mackay 158 Goodwood Saints
Harvey Marling 170 Plympton Bulldogs
Brodie Martin 179 Marion
Blake Meakes 175 Brighton
Dash Rucioch 175 PHOS
Harvey Ryan 158 Goodwood Saints
Finn Spanagel 175 Lockleys
Luke Starkey 177 Brighton Bombers
Ash Thomas 187 Henley Sharks
Giuseppe Tropeano 165 Henley Sharks
Chase Window 155 PHOS Camden