2024 SANFLW All-Stars Match Wrap


The Hostplus SANFLW’s finest showcased the league’s incredible depth of talent in an historic All-Star encounter at Prospect Oval on Sunday.

Club loyalty was shunted aside as the two sides, comprising a mixture of players from all eight state league clubs, went to work in a bid to impress the state selectors.

For the record, the Yellow Team conquered the Blue Team by 13 points, bagging six goals to four and leading for the entire contest.

But this encounter was more about players advertising talents and testing abilities against the best in the SANFLW league, with the game being used as a key guide to selection for the inaugural state clash against the WAFLW in Perth on May 4.

Norwood’s Jade Halfpenny kicked the only goal of the first quarter in the opening minutes to give Yellow the front running on the scoreboard.

Sturt onballer Alisha Gepp had a significant influence for Yellow, Lana Schwerdt (Norwood) was reliable across half-back and Latitah Huynh (Central District) and Tahlita Buethke (Norwood) were damaging on the wings, providing plenty of drive.

Yellow’s Laquoiya Cockatoo-Collins (South Adelaide) was lively as always in attack and down back Julia Clark (North Adelaide) repelled many Blue raids.

Blue’s Soriah Moon (South) was on the bench for the start of the first and second quarters, before being on the ground from the outset for the third and fourth terms, either in ruck or as a forward weapon.

After being kept scoreless in the first term, Blue closed to within a point at halftime following goals to Sam Franson (Glenelg) and Norwood’s Kiana Lee, who nailed a terrific goal on the run.

But Yellow seemingly had all the answers in the third quarter, adding three goals without answer as the Blue attack struggled for cohesion.

Olivia Evans toed through a goal only two minutes into the term and Halfpenny kicked her second goal eight minutes later. Both were set up by Cockatoo-Collins, who no doubt enhanced her claims for a trip to Western Australia.

McKenzie Dowrick (Eagles), who nailed a goal for Yellow in the second quarter, had an intriguing tussle with Georgie Pater (West Adelaide).

Soriah Moon (right) looks to handball under pressure from Emily Bartsch. Picture – Cory Sutton


Yellow Team   1.3   2.3   5.5   6.5 (41)

Blue Team   0.0   2.2   2.4   4.4 (28)

GOALS – Yellow: Jade Halfpenny 2, McKenzie Dowrick, Olivia Evans, Mel Anderson, Laquoiya Cockatoo-Collins.

Blue: Sam Franson, Kiana Lee, Soriah Moon, Zoe Venning.

At Prospect Oval