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A Message from the CEO: Brett Turner in Round 13

A Message from CEO Justin Scripps:

After considerable deliberation and consultation within our footy department, I wish to advise our members and supporters that we have given the Adelaide Football Club permission to play Brett Turner against us in the Round 13 Indigenous Round clash at ACH Group Stadium this Saturday 2nd July. With Adelaide Football Club choosing the select Brett in the mid-season draft, the current regulations state that the player cannot play against their original Club, unless agreed by all parties.

We are deeply respectful that many of our passionate members and supporters would prefer us to enforce the provisions of the regulations and not let Brett play in this game, however given Brett is returning from a long term foot injury, the Club wants to support Brett to return to peak fitness in the SANFL and reach his dream of playing AFL football. Importantly, the Club does not believe this decision will compromise our aspiration of winning the 2022 SANFL premiership and the Club is reserving its right to withdraw this approval if we were to play against the Adelaide Football Club in the 2022 SANFL finals series.

The footy club is proud of the fact that we are building a football program, environment and culture that is attracting strong interest from AFL Clubs and that we are seen as a destination Club for players wanting to maximise their potential. Even though we will continue to lobby the AFL and SANFL to remove the pre-season and mid-season draft, we will not deviate from our purpose of winning premierships, driving exceptional standards and developing our people.