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Eagles v Glenelg Round 3 Match Report

Before I discuss our part in the game, I would like to firstly say the Eagles thoroughly deserved this win. They were tougher, played to the conditions better, more desperate, more cohesive and played for each other – they simply wanted this a lot more than we did. It actually hurts to write that.

Despite leading at every change (except the most important one), despite having more scoring shots, and despite Molly Affolter dominating the hit outs, we just could not get going and not enough players stood up. The easy option would be to look at the very wet conditions and make excuses, but the fact is both teams played in them. One team adapted better and embraced the challenge.

Jess Bates

We lost comprehensively inside the contest and were often outworked and outnumbered.

That said, despite being outplayed, we still created enough opportunities to win, but we were not good enough to take them.

Our only goal came from a kick off the ground in the second quarter to Ellie Kellock. Luce Earl was solid in defence, Lauren Bungey worked hard all game, but Jess Bates was easily our best player on the day. She demonstrated the effort and desperation we all needed to bring unconditionally. It’s very disappointing that not many others followed her lead – she ended with a game high 12 tackles, in which she now leads the competition in.

In such a short season, dropping games like this can really impact us at the backend of the season. The challenge is now laid squarely on the players to lift for our game at 7:45pm this Friday 19th March at Hisense Stadium against West Adelaide. I am looking forward to seeing how they respond.

– Jason Fairall, Senior Coach

Goals: Ellie Kellock (1)

Best Players: Jess Bates, Molly Affolter, Lucy Earl, Lauren Bungey