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FebFast Challenge | GFC x SAFC


Tiger family! We’re calling time-out this February to challenge ourselves and to support the Sammy D Foundation mentoring programs. It’s the perfect excuse to kick-start the year with a little good health and a lot of good will.

For 14 years the Sammy D Foundation has educated hundreds of schools, community groups, and sporting clubs, raising awareness and educating over 200,000 young people about the consequences of violent behaviour and the risks associated with alcohol and drug misuse.

Mentoring is about connecting young people with peer lead highly trained and motivated educators. These mentors provide one to one support for a young person who may be experiencing some level of disadvantage, social isolation or in need of a positive role model. Their purpose is to assist young people aged between 7-17 years old to focus on areas such as aspirations and personal development, and to support young people to remain in education. They promote positive and healthy choices and reduce risks associated with anti-social behaviour and social isolation.

With your help, the Sammy D Foundation can continue to empower young people to make positive life decisions to end violence in our community. Because when you believe in a young person, you show them that there’s another way.

This year, Glenelg Football Club and South Adelaide Football Club are going head-to-head to see who can raise the highest amount. So get on board and support the cause.