Five Tiger Superstars to Lead GFCW in 2021

The Glenelg Football Club is pleased to announce its GFCW Leadership Group for 2021, with gutsy defender Ellie Kellock at the helm as Captain.

Here’s what Women’s Senior Coach Jason Fairall had to say about the leadership group:

Any time a team transitions its leadership, the change is often challenging. There is no doubt we have had our share of challenges in this space over the last 12 months, as the legendary Cass Hartley, our inaugural and inspirational Captain, transitioned away from the main leadership role.

This off season we have intentionally developed a greater leadership base. As a result, our leadership depth has increased significantly and now expands well beyond those with an official leadership title.

I am proud that the playing group and coaches have selected Ellie Kellock to be our Captain. She is an inspirational on field leader and general. She is tough and plays hard, but fair. She gives her all and sets high standards, and the team follows her lead.

Left to right: Emily Woods, Chelsea Packer (VC), Ellie Kellock (C), Sam Franson (Dep VC), Madi Freeman

I would also like to acknowledge Chelsea Packer, who did an outstanding job captaining the side last season in transition. After some discussions throughout the off season, it was decided she would step aside into the Vice Captain role. This now enables her to help mentor our emerging group of leaders, including Ellie, as well as allowing her to put a greater focus on playing well. It was a selfless act where she put the greater good of the Club before her own wants and needs. This is a significant part of the legacy Chelsea will leave at our Club.

Sam Franson has emerged as a future leader of our Club this off season and in doing so, has been selected as our Deputy Vice Captain. Sam is such a positive energy for our program and everyone gravitates to her for this reason. Sam has an ability to motivate and create a positive environment whilst we constantly stretch ourselves to improve.

Rounding out our leadership group is Madi Freeman, who like Sam has emerged as a future leader, and Emily Woods, who is our most experienced player and offers great council to all our leaders and playing group.