Match Reports

GFCW handed first loss of the season in Round 5



Glenelg Women will regroup after remaining goalless in their first loss of the season.

In a highly anticipated clash, Glenelg Women’s team faced off against South Adelaide in our first game back at Stratarama Oval. Both teams entered the match with high expectations, and in good form, but it was South Adelaide who emerged victorious on this occasion after we failed to find our rhythm.

South Adelaide started strong in the contest, with plenty of pressure and we found ourselves on the back foot. Our midfield were able to adjust as the game went on and started to win the ball out the midfield. Jess Bates again a workhorse in the middle, aided Violet Patterson who continues her solid form.

Unfortunately, this match marked the first time this season that Glenelg failed to kick a goal, a testament to The Panther’s defensive work, but also disappointing as this has been our strength in the past weeks. Despite creating opportunities and losing our inside 50 count only slightly, we were unable to convert them into scoreboard pressure.  Sam Franson was the highlight leading up the ground well and creating pressure in our forward 50.

South Adelaide, last year’s grand finalists, demonstrated their quality with a resilient and efficient display; they’ll be the side to beat this season. They capitalised on their opportunities and showcased their ability to perform under pressure, with high work rate that we just could match on the day. Defensively, we had some good passages with Poppy Scholz intercepting again and again, and Lauren Edwards the stalwart down back, but we just allowed the ball to come in too easily at times.

While the result may not have gone our way, there are valuable lessons to be learned from this match against a quality opposition. We knew that teams would start to come for us after starting the season so strong. Its crucial for us to reflect on our performance and identify areas for improvement, but also to remember the strengths we have as a team as we look to bounce back. Despite the setback, we remain confident in our abilities and look forward to making amends against Norwood against at home for Round 6 after a bye weekend.

– Lexia Edwards, Senior Coach


In a fierce battle against South Adelaide, Glenelg Womens Reserves showcased their trademark resilience, delivering consistent pressure and displaying intense fight throughout the match. Despite their valiant efforts and passages of play that echoed the club’s distinctive brand, they were unable to capitalise on the scoreboard. Despite the setbacks, players were able to adapt with Johnson going into the backline, Kohn in the middle and Aleesha Robran up forward. The team’s unwavering determination and commitment to their style of play remain evident, setting the stage for Wednesday nights games as they continue to strive for success.

– Brooke Trevena, Reserves Coach

Glenelg – 2.12.24
South Adelaide – 5.3.32