Match Reports

GFCW – Preliminary Final Match Wrap

A really hard way to finish off an overall, really positive season for the team despite many adversities and challenges along the way.

Facing Norwood we knew that we had to keep the ball in our front half, and perhaps the conditions didn’t suit the open way we have been used to playing. We started the game off with the pressure and intent we wanted and were able to surge the ball forward numerous times. It took 5 minutes for Jordan Horne to capitalise off the back of a great mark from our forward pressure send the ball out of bounds on the full from Norwood. Norwood were able to respond after poor covering defensively inside 50 adding another later in the quarter. Despite kicking with the breeze to the northern and despite numerous inside 50s, we could only gain the 2 goals for the quarter and this proved to be the difference.

The second quarter, Norwood with the breeze were able to capitalise on some really poor errors in our backline although both frees along on the boundary, Norwood were able to slot these and kicked 3 for the game. We couldn’t adjust to the conditions, heading into the wind on heavy oval makes for a tough style of play and we only allowed shallow 50 entries.

The third quarter was by far, the most inspirational of the year. Kellock, Bates, Miller and Freeman went to work in the midfield and after smart play from Violet Patterson, Kellock kicked our first for the quarter. Norwood tried to stifle our game, but we were much cleaner below the knees than we had been all day and our pressure lifted dramatically. A move of Poppy Scholz forward, returning from an ankle injury saw her play on and kick through for her first SANFLW goal, the momentum had lifted and we were in total control of the quarter. We had repeat inside 50’s, but Norwood sending numerous spares ahead of the ball, made for a messy game. Only through a brilliant dodge and snap from Jess Bates saw us draw level. Jordan Horne again worked tirelessly but couldn’t convert, and although we had 10-3 inside 50s, we let Norwood slot one late which saw us down by 2 points at the break.

With nothing to lose, Norwood used the wind to their advantage early from a contentious free kick to kick away early. They added another 2 and despite our best efforts we just couldn’t get the ball forward into the breeze. Our pressure dropped off and we couldn’t generate movement forward. Norwood eventually ran away winners by 19 points.

After a really successful first half, plagued with injuries throughout our season fell away at the end. Adversity during a football season builds resilience and highlights areas for improvement, paving the way for stronger performances in the future. Each challenge faced and overcome teaches valuable lessons, ensuring the team grows more cohesive and determined, ultimately leading to greater success in the following season. We know that when we play our Glenelg brand of football we are hard to beat, we just need to start to string that together consecutively.

– Lexia Edwards, Senior Coach

Goals: Bates (2), Horne, Kellock, Scholz