GFCW Round 4 Game Review

We were on the wrong side of history this week loosing to the Eagles for their first ever SANFLW win.

The first half was a very competitive contest. As is often the case, we controlled a lot of the key stats that we value within our program. Our defenders controlled their area, our midfield had an element of control around the stoppages and our forwards had enough supply. Scoring opportunities were limited however.

The first half saw a crafty goal to Molly Althouse, who returned to the team displaying her innate ability to win the ball in traffic and create opportunities from half chances. A text book crumbing goal to Lauren Kenny followed. Melinda Speechley then snapped a good goal early in the second quarter. We headed into the half time break in front by a goal, but due to the Eagles strong defence, we just didn’t create enough opportunities to cash in when we had momentum.

As is also often the case, we just couldn’t stick to our game plan for long enough. The third quarter saw Eagles start to get some midfield control, which put our defense under immense pressure for sustained periods of time. We still had enough opportunities, with 9 forward 50 entries, but just couldn’t put any of this on the scoreboard. Somehow we were only down by one goal at three quarter time.

The Eagles dominated the midfield in the last quarter. Adelaide Crows Ruck, Rhiannon Metcalfe, who was dropped to the Eagles for this game, was dominant. Our two Rucks, who had played 5 SANFL Women’s games combined, were learning on the job against a very, very good player.

Full credit must go to Tess Baxter and her team. The Eagles are the most improved team from last season. They could easily have won all their games to date.

Whilst we have shown our best is good enough to match it with the best teams in the competition, we have struggled to put it together consistently from quarter to quarter across a whole game. We own our performances, but we are also fully aware of where we are at. We had 19 debutants last season and have added a further 11 this season. We are working hard to build a strong and sustainable program.

As a result of the building we are doing, Tessa Kohn was awarded the SANFL Women’s Powerade Breakthrough Player for round 4. She has had a very consistent start to the season, despite only being in her second ever season of football. This award is thoroughly deserved by Tess.

– Jason Fairall, Senior Coach

Glenelg FC 3.2-20 defeated by Woodville-West Torrens FC 7.3-45

Goals: Molly Althouse (1), Lauren Kenny (1), Melinda Speechley (1)

Best: Tess Morcom, Ellie Kellock, Tessa Kohn, Lucy Armitage, Madisyn Freeman