Match Reports

GFCW triumph over Eagles in Round 7



Glenelg triumphed over Woodville West Torrens in a hard fought game, clinching victory by 13 points in a tumultuous clash.

Woodville West Torrens brought fierce pressure to the contest, making it difficult for Glenelg to find space and move the ball effectively. This elite pressure meant that scoring opportunities were hard to come by, forcing Glenelg to work tirelessly for every possession.

In the midfield battle, Jess Bates stood out again with an impressive 31 disposals, showcasing her skill and determination despite heavy attention. New recruit Jo Miller made her mark with 26 disposals, 4 inside 50s, and 5 marks, adding strength to Glenelg’s midfield lineup. Pleasingly it was a team effort for the game who were able to make a strong contest and eventually pull away with some slick ball movement out the contest.

Glenelg’s forward line saw contributions from multiple players, with four different goal kickers including Jordan Horne and Eloise Mackereth, who continue to develop their attacking prowess. Although inaccurate scoring, the pressure from the group improved and a lot of the time we were able to lock it inside our 50 to provide some opportunities.

The backline again held firm despite some strong forward presence. Lauren Edwards again was rarely beaten in a 1v1 and provided some strong direction. Aided with Marie Martino who provided us with some offensive run, and impenetrable Poppy Scholz providing crucial intercept possessions to thwart Woodville West Torrens’ advances.

The uncontested possession and mark count secured by Glenelg highlight the team’s relentless effort and commitment to success. They never relented, battling until the final siren to secure the win and build confidence from tough fought encounters for future games.

With the season at its midpoint and a 6-1 record, we recognise there’s still a long road ahead, and we are focussed on long term success, taking each week as it comes. Despite the challenges posed by a dewy night, the team showed resilience and determination, securing victory through hard work, grit and dedication.

– Lexia Edwards, Senior Coach


In a thrilling match, Glenelg Football Club showcased their prowess on the field, securing a commendable victory. Kicking off the action was none other than K Robran, who delivered a stellar performance, notching an impressive four goals for the team.
Adding to the excitement was the debut of state u16s player, Georgie Fielder, whose entry into the team brought a fresh wave of energy and talent. Fielder’s debut marked a promising start to what looks to be a promising career with the club.
One notable aspect of the game was the team’s flexibility, as they adapted their rotations to the season’s demands seamlessly. This adaptability proved to be a crucial asset, allowing the team to maintain their momentum and capitalise on opportunities as they arose.
The aggression displayed by Glenelg’s players was undeniable, as they fearlessly attacked the ball and asserted their dominance on the field. This aggressive play style paved the way for numerous opportunities up forward, ultimately contributing to the team’s success.
With such a strong performance, Glenelg Football Club has once again proven why they are a force to be reckoned with in the SANFL. As they continue to showcase their skill and determination, the club can undoubtedly look forward to one more exhilarating match next week as they head into their first ever Reserves Grand Final.

– Brooke Trevena, Coach