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Glenelg Football Club Launches Centenary Display

The Glenelg Football Club is proud to launch its Centenary Display to commemorate 100 years of proud League history. 

Located upstairs in the President’s Room, the display brings Glenelg’s history to life and takes viewers on a thrilling and nostalgic journey through the best years of the Club.

The museum is a unique collection of memorabilia, ranging from match worn guernseys to iconic Glenelg photos, football boots, badges, medals, merchandise and many other pieces of treasure from everybody’s favourite eras.

The display was put together by a dedicated team of past players and supporters, who look forward to celebrating it with fellow Tiger members and supporters.

Opening Hours

For one week Tiger fans will have the opportunity to view the Centenary Display. 

The Centenary Display will officially open at 3pm on Saturday 24th April before the 2019 Grand Final re-match against Port Adelaide.

It will then be open to the public 9am – 8pm. Monday 26th April – Thursday 30th April, with members having the opportunity to engage with various Past Players and Glenelg legends at the times noted with an asterix*.

Saturday 24th April (Round 4 Game Day) 3pm - 4:30pm with Laurie Rosewarne and Peter Cornwall 6:45pm - 7:45pm with Rex Voigt and Peter Cornwall
7:45pm - 8:45pm with Tony Symonds and Peter Cornwall
Sunday 25th April CLOSED CLOSED
Monday 26th April 11am - 2pm* 5pm - 8pm*
Tuesday 27th April 11am - 2pm*
Wednesday 28th April 5pm - 8pm*
Thursday 29th April 5pm - 8pm*

To continue the 100 Year festivities, the Club’s main foyer downstairs has also had a major refurbishment, with a permanent display being installed showcasing the Club’s greatest achievements and eras.