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Indigenous Round: Annabelle Stevens

As we celebrate Indigenous Round this week and NAIDOC Week from July 3, the Club is excited to showcase the artwork of Annabelle Stevens. 

Annabelle Stevens is a Glenelg Lacrosse Club member and year 6 student from local school Our Lady of Grace who sent in a t-shirt design created as part of an art project.

We believe the story behind her design reflects upon the values of the Club and is a wonderful example of how we belong to not just the Glenelg community, but an unbreakable family.

Annabelle and her family are passionate Tiger supporters and frequent visitors at The Glenelg Club. We look forward to seeing them on Game Day, with Annabelle and her sister Madeliene set to run out onto the oval with the League side.

The story behind the design:

The symbol in the bottom left corner represents family because GLC is my family.

The groups of dots represent groups of people, which symbolises the teams at our club. 

The hills on the sleeve and on the bottom right corner symbolise the land we play on. 

The word ‘Glenelg’ is written in a boomerang because GLC is my club and I will always come back. 

The tracks featured on the guernsey show how we leave a footprint everywhere we play. 

Finally, the circles around the boomerang are the sun and the stars to show how most of our games are played during the day.