Match Reports

League Match Wrap: Round 7

Winning at Elizabeth is always tough and we really value and cherish wins against the Dogs out there.

Again we started well and our starts have been energetic and fast, but it’s been challenging to sustain this level.

Maybe I needed to increase rotations in the second quarter, but we were outplayed and out-run by Central in this quarter.
A measured half-time approach by the leaders kept our young players on task and our third quarter was dominant.
I thought our ball movement and turnover defence were both executed very well.
The last period Central came at us and showed two things:
1. They’re fit and committed
2. We need to play right to the end
It was pleasing to have 9 scoring shots in Q4, but not to concede 6 goals.
Take the points and move on.
Norwood at the Parade – another great challenge.
– Mark Stone, Senior Coach
Goal kickers: Liam McBean (4), Darcy Bailey (3), Luke Partington (2), Matt Allen (2), Matthew Snook (1), Jack Yates (1), Carl Nicholson (1), Jack Kluske (1)