Team Selections

League & Reserves Round 17 Team Selections

It’s our FINAL HOME GAME of the season!

And what better way to celebrate our last game at the Bay than with Brad Agnew’s 150th League game. Go well Ags!

Chris Curran returns to our defensive end, while Michael Virgin is out a hamstring injury. Three potential ins will look to fill his spot.

We also have two exciting inclusions in the Reserves side. After 19 weeks of rehab on his ankle, Billy Stretch is back and will play for the first time since Round 1. Lachie Hosie will also feature, following recovery with a hamstring injury. We can’t wait to see them back in action and wish them all the best!

We’re also proud to be tackling mental health head on with Breakthrough Community Round supported by Fleurieu Milk. We’ll use this round to raise funds for the Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation and increase awareness for the need for mental health research to stop the devastating effects of mental illness.

Match Day tickets are now available. A reminder that masks are compulsory and consumption of food and beverages must be seated. If you can’t make it to the game, watch live on SANFL Digital Pass.