Lumin Sports and Hoap sign on as major partners

Lumin Sports and Hoap sign on as major partners

Glenelg Football Club is excited to re-sign Lumin Sports and Hoap, this time as major partners.

The team at Lumin Sports and Hoap have been working closely with the Football department – including senior coach Brett Hand and high performance manager Tom Stevens – to customise and implement their technology in order to elevate player and team performance.

CEO Ben Tripodi said approaching the Bays in 2021 was an easy decision, and he’s looking forward to further collaborating with the team in 2022 and beyond.

“Lumin Sports and our Arc product interprets complex team and athlete data, so that decision makers such as the coaches at Glenelg can make better decisions at training and on match days,” Ben said.

“We’ve always been a keen supporter of the Glenelg Football Club, and when we launched a new product which was very focused at the SANFL level we thought it’d be best to reach out to the team here. The rest is history!”

Key functions of their platforms particularly include tools which allow Glenelg’s leaders to maintain the wellbeing and mental health of its athletes.

“Our motto is that wellbeing is the hallmark of high performance,” Ben said.

“So, when you have decision-makers who are responsible for their team, it’s imperative to know who’s at their best, who needs rest and who can jump on and train harder so that we have the best team always when it comes to Saturday and Sunday.”

To find out more about Lumin Sports and Hoap, visit and

Glenelg Football Club is proud to represent Lumin Sports on club apparel

Glenelg Football Club is proud to represent Hoap on club apparel