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ONE CLUB: Senior Men run water for Women’s Game

The Glenelg Football Club has been on a journey to create a strong ‘one club’ culture, and Round 7 of the SANFLW season showed how far the Tigers have come.

There was a huge shake-up of the women’s team leading up to this game, with over a dozen players and support staff missing due to Covid-19 and injuries. This meant the program was significantly under-resourced and in desperate need of volunteers to fill positions, in particular water runners.

So, the club was extremely grateful for Men’s Vice Captain Luke Partington, who organised three players – Matthew Allen, Neil Vea Vea and Brad McCarthy – to run water for the senior women’s game.

CEO Justin Scripps said: “Not only does it say a lot about them individually, it’s symbolic of the quality of people we have around the Club and the consideration they have for others. Whilst going through a bit of adversity is challenging, opportunities like this really do show the high level of care that exists.”

“Action like this from the boys just reinforces to me that we’re continuing to generate some really positive momentum with our culture.”

Women’s Senior Coach Jason Fairall also expressed his gratitude to the boys.

“Massive thanks to Matt, Neil and Brad for stepping up to help in our time of need. We are truly grateful and feel so lucky to have such a strong and supportive group,” he said.

“This is great culture and great leadership in action. I am very proud to be a part of this club, for there would be very few in the country that have the club wide connection we possess.”