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PP&O raise record amount for club in season 2022

The Past Players & Officials Association continues to blow our minds! 
This year, the PP&O raised an insane amount of $72,146 for the club, almost 20k more than last year.
The PP&O, led by chairman Keith Kuhlmann, run several fundraising initiatives, including collecting cans, hosting the annual Cash Lottery Day, and running the Drinks Van on Umbrella Hill at game days and other major events.
These are unbelievable efforts from a group who voluntarily dedicate thousands of hours to help better our programs and improve the development of our players.
Thank you to all involved, especially the following PP&O committee members:
  • Keith Kuhlmann
  • Geoff Tanner
  • Rex Voigt
  • Colin Scripps
  • Tony Symonds
  • Allan Bartlett
  • Torrie Osborn
  • Damien Gigney
  • Simon Angove
  • Nick Chigwidden
  • Kristin Jeffery
  • Justin Scripps