Team Selections

SANFLW Round 9 Team Selections 2024


The GFCW Round 9 team debuts two new players to the League side.

An unfortunate week sees the GFCW squad with a few outs due to illness and managing injury, however the depth of the squad will be on display with TWO debutants in Kayla Robran and Kiahni Russell.

Jess Searle will unfortunately miss this week due to suspension, however the girls are confident in the work they put into their program and will go into the game with optimism against the fourth-placed West Adelaide.

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#4 Shay'lee Dayman #9 Eloise Mackereth
#2 Madisyn Freeman #10 Grace Duffy #11 Jordan Horne
CENTRE #5 Sam Franson #8 Lucy Armitage #1 Mel Hinge
HALF BACKS #18 Ellen Tyminski #3 Renee Wurfel #34 Lauren Edwards
BACKS #20 Poppy Scholz #21 Alex Walker
FOLLOWERS #30 Alex Pearce #33 Demi McCarthy #29 Jess Bates
INTERCHANGE #32 Jo Miller #15 Marie Martino
#12 Tamsyn Morriss #60 Kayla Robran #54 Kiahni Russell
EMERG #27 Shae Partington #21 Alice Bradley #19 Matilda Wilmore