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South East: Limestone Coast Regional Carnival

On Saturday June 11th at Kongorong, the three major leagues in the South East zone – Mid-South Eastern Football League (MSEFL), Kowree Naracoorte Tatiara Football League (KNTFL), and Western Border Football League (WBFL) – came together to compete in the 2022 Limestone Coast Regional Carnival.

The annual carnival is a highly anticipated event in the football calendar which showcases the great rivalry between the three leagues in the U15, U17.5 and senior grades.

Importantly for Glenelg Football Club, it’s a chance for club representatives like Darren Trevena (Junior Talent Manager), Kristin Jeffery (Commercial Manager) and Heath Sims (Game Development Coordinator – GFC) to view the best junior players in action and identify talent to come up through our programs and pathways, in particular the U16s and U18s, in the future.

This has already proven to be a key pathway for juniors to play at the elite level, with one recent example being Glenelg junior Oscar Adams, who was drafted to Saint Kilda in 2021.

The club was also excited to donate a GFC backpack and football gear to the award winners, as well as medals for the Team of the Carnival.

Overall it was an extremely successful day, and the club congratulates all award winners and players involved.


Player of the Carnival (voted by umpires): Kobe Gibson

Best Player (MSEFL): Charlie Bevan

Best Player (WBFL): Dean Harten

Best Player (KTNFL): Ned McCarthy

Ned McCarthy + Darren Trevena, Charlie Bevan + Darren Trevena, Kobe Gibson + Darren Trevena + Heath Sims


Aaron Dally (FP) Josh Jones (FF) Riley McMullen (FP)
Max Whitehead (HFF) Ned McCarthy (CHF) Charlie Brodie (HFF)
Travis Wilson (CW) Campbell Will (C) Jacob Salmon (CW)
Dean Harten (HBF) Jde Peterson (CHB) Ashton Lindner (HBF)
Noah Maxwell (BP) William Wilson (FB) Mason McKenny (BP)
Cooper Thomas (Ru) Charlie Bevan (RR) Kobe Gibson (Ro)
Griffin Laucke (Int) Archer Virtanen (Int) Hamish Davies (Int)
Jace Maxwell (Int) Ben Copping (Int)


Player of the Carnival (voted by umpires): Kalan Shanks

Best Player (MSEFL): Flynn Peel

Best Player (WBFL): Lochie Thiele

Best Player (KTNFL): Tom Anderson

Kalan Shanks + Darren Trevena + Heath Sims, Flynn Peel + Darren Trevena, Lochie Thiele + Darren Trevena, Tom Anderson + Darren Trevena


Harry Wright (FP) Brock Summerhayes (FF) Nelson Forbes (FP)
Jadeson Bowden (HFF) Cooper McCully (CHF) Billy Wiese (HFF)
Angus McKenzie (CW) Tom Anderson (C) Angus Clarke (CW)
Flynn Peel (HBF) Ellis Cushion (CHB) Kalan Shanks (HBF)
Joe Judd (BP) Lochie Thiele (FB) Keenan Dwyer (BP)
Cal Sparkes (Ru) Eli Redman (RR) Aaron Zerk (Ro)
Makenzie Pickering (Int) Jack Hagget (Int) Harry Schroeder (Int)
Tyler Harris (Int) Mitch Harrold (Int)