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Split 50-50 Raffle Winners

About the Split 50-50 Raffle:

Glenelg Football Club introduces our favourite match day digital Raffle online that greatly benefits participants and us.

The Split 50-50 Raffle is an exciting and revolutionary digital raffle platform that does away with physical raffle tickets and offers a greater prize pool for participants and increases the fundraising capabilities of GFC and charities and not-for-profit organisations.

The total prize pool is split evenly, with 50% going to the winning ticket holder and 50% coming back to us.

The more tickets sold, the bigger the prize pool for the winner and larger contribution coming back to support Glenelg Football Club.

Congratulations to the following Split 50-50 Raffle Winners:

  • Round 1 Glenelg v Norwood: Alastair Tennant (total prize pool $2180, winnings $1090)
  • Round 3 Glenelg v Adelaide: Nigel Mullane (total prize pool $2395, winnings $1197.50)
  • Round 5 Glenelg v Port Adelaide: Nigel Mullane (total prize pool $1895, winnings $947.50)
  • Round 7 Glenelg v South Adelaide: Rob Gillies (total prize pool $1750, winnings $875)
  • Round 9 Glenelg v West Adelaide: Peter & Colin Eglinton (total prize pool $1375, winnings $687.50)
  • Round 10 Glenelg v Sturt: Jen Gray (total prize pool $1177.50, winnings $2350)