Team Selections

Team Selections: Round 2

After an unforgettable season opener, we return to Adelaide Oval on Sunday for the Round 2 clash against South Adelaide.

A squad of 25 has been named again, with our fearless 2019 Premiership Captain Chris Curran making a highly anticipated return at half back.

To add to the excitement, Max Proud also celebrates his 100th game. Congrats Skipper!

Martin, Condon, McPherson, Slade, McRae, Martini, Yates, Leck, Searle, Morton, Weir, Liambis, Cole, Wisdom, Moore, Horsnell, O’Loughlin, Symonds, Kitschke, Carter, Kerrish, McDermott

Beecken, Boag, Clark, J. Davis, R. Davis, Dean, Drum, Durant, L. Edwards, B. Edwards, Fitzgerald, Grosser, Holder, McAuliffe, Murphy, Owen, Parish, Pedlar, Potter, Rayson, Robins, Schreiber, Schultz, Stagg, Tunkin, Viska, Wanganeen, Wright