Match Reports

Tiger women back on the winner’s list


A great effort to get back on the winner’s list against second place Central Districts. It was a game we knew we had to be at our best in order to capitalise on. Centrals are one of the strongest finishing side, and we were able to really grind out the last quarter after banking some goals late in the third quarter to keep the lead at the final siren.

Again, we had a strong start to the game, with great pressure around the ball from which we were able to get the ball forward. It felt like some more reward for effort would have helped after 11 to 1 inside 50s and starting the game with a strong breeze. Centrals are a great contested possession side, and so two nice roving goals from Kohn and Armitage helped us set up for the day, as we were able to win the contested possession count and also the tackle count. It was also a really strong start from Madi Freeman, who plays beyond her young years, to balance our contest well.

We are learning lessons and identifying growths over the last few weeks, and again we learnt as Centrals were able to swing the game back onto their terms in the second. Strong intercepting games from Alex Walker and Poppy Scholz saved us a few times, and we were able to pressure shots at goal. The second quarter was almost a reversal of the first quarter as Centrals were able to capitalise from high possession and pressure around the contest.

Unlike other weeks, you could see our growth, as we were able to trust the process, stick to the cause with our systems and managed to score two late goals in the third with the breeze to go into the last break. We were really able to just keep the ball moving forward by hand, and then gain territory by foot. Tessa Kohn kicked her second goal, before we had a a great debut mark and goal in the goal square from 15-year-old Eloise Mackereth.

We know Centrals are a fast-finishing team. A number of times this season they have been able to reduce leads quickly, and so we knew we needed to make sure we maintained possession and not allow the fast ball movement that helps Centrals swing games. It was hard against the breeze, but Packer was able to score a goal at the start of the quarter following a well-placed centering kick from Swanson. Centrals finished fast for the quarter with two goals late, but enough had been done to secure the win.

After a tough few weeks, it was a great team effort that saw us back to using our strengths for the benefit of the team. Lessons taken from the last few weeks have paid off, and with every game now so important for us, there is a real belief in the team as we move forward to next week.

Best players: Violet Patterson, Piper Window, Sarah Goodwin, Poppy Scholz, Ellie Kellock and Tessa Kohn