Match Reports

Tigers outclassed by Redlegs


It was a valuable lesson for the League team as we were outworked and outclassed by Norwood, who came to play on Friday and left us on the back foot from the start. We looked slow from the very start and failed to find any rhythm in our process to ignite our ball movement that we have prided ourselves on in the last six rounds.

Structurally, we are playing an incredibly young team and we know that there will be inconsistencies throughout the season with the systems we have in place, and this will come with time. I think the disappointing aspect of the game seemed to be our lack of effort, and our ability to really generate score as a hard working team.

We know Norwood are an explosive team who run and carry the ball through and then generate exorbitant numbers during defensive transition, which really stifled our movement and entry inside 50. We addressed this at quarter time after only getting one inside 50 for the quarter. I was happy with our endeavour and ability to fix our systems in the second quarter as we pegged back to a 7-point deficit leading into the final term.

The adjustment was short-lived, as Norwood never waived from their pressure and run and were able to bring their AFLW experienced players into the game, who seemed to dominate the game at the contest and in front of goals.

After a short turn around, and a large cohort of experience on the sidelines after a treacherous month of injuries, we know that the opposition aren’t going to get worse and so we must get better. This game will give us a lesson to grow from, as we look to adjust and refocus after the bye round.

Best Players: P. Window, M. Freeman, B. Tonon, M. Scholz, T. Morriss


Final Score: GFC 3.0.18 def by NFC 7.11.53

Goal kicker: E. Mackereth (2), B. Koch