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Tigers release new Indigenous guernsey design

L: Gibson Turner wearing the new 2022 Indigenous guernsey. R: Original artwork by Amanda Turner

The Club is excited to release its new Indigenous guernsey designed by Amanda Turner, aunty of Tigers player Gibson Turner.

The guernsey will be worn by the League side for Indigenous Round on Saturday July 2 at ACH Group Stadium.

Gibson said he has a very close relationship with his aunty and that she was excited to be asked to create the design.

“She was very excited to do this. However being from where we’re from, not many people realise how big the SANFL is. The design that she has made is going to be massive and we’ll see a lot of people wearing her design, so it’s a great achievement for her,” Gibson said.

“It took about a week to do. She had a couple of designs and this one really stuck out…[personally], I love how the yellow and the dots stand out.”

Gibson, Amanda and his mother’s side of the family come from a small community called Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa), around 85km south east of Alice Springs.

Gibson said Indigenous Round is important in highlighting the contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, both past and present.

“It brings out a lot of people from different places, tribes and areas of Australia. It’s a really great round that showcases the different cultures. Everyone’s really proud of it and where they’re from,” he said.

Anwerne apurte irreme – we are all coming together

The overall theme of the guernsey is about the Glenelg community and coming together.

The guernsey represents not only the players, but the whole training group, the people within the club and the Bays community – it brings us all together. The circles represent the ground we walk on and everyone coming together as one.

The design also reflects upon the club going through the journey of the football season across the year, as well as our ‘all in’ trademark.