Match Reports

Tigers victorious in First Nations Round


An interesting challenge awaited us in our Round 11 clash with Central District Football Club. We went into the game completely aware that they have been one of the real improvers over the season so far, plus they gave us some real headaches in our Round 7 encounter a few weeks back. We have great respect for how they can compete around contest, and knowing that, they will keep coming at you for the full four quarters.

This is exactly what we got in the first half. We were able to start the game in a positive way, using the ball well and turning it into scoreboard reward. But full credit to Central District, in that they were able to shift the momentum in their favour and have the game on their terms late in the first quarter and most of the second quarter also. We were slightly disappointed in the fact we had gone away from our strong value of defence and our ability to be assertive around contest. What is pleasing though is our ability to recognise on the run and adjust in the heat of the battle. We were able to do that late in the first half and get back some advantage in the game leading into the break.

Our second half focus was about getting that side of the game right and getting back to what we know is working. Although we didn’t get the complete reward on the scoreboard through the third quarter, our ability to play the game in our forward half of the ground had the game completely back on our terms. And when we have our forward half pressure and defensive method up and going, we are able to break games open with our offense – something we’ve done well over the year so far. The last quarter was a great example of this, with a seven goal reward. Equally pleasing is the even contribution from all our players and our ability to play at a high level for the entire game.

Our Reserves group continue to impress, playing a strong brand of football both sides of the ball. As a coaching group, we are really pleased with how the group is going about their work. The intensity and drive to improve within every training session is translating into consistently strong football each week. We are excited by the talent and depth we have within the club, and I have no doubt we will need to utilise this as the season moves on. But it is also an exciting look into the future of our club. Well done to all players throughout the group.

While we sit in a strong position currently, we are aware of what is ahead and how there is a need for us to keep improving. We will continue to do that into this week as we prepare for the challenge against the defending premiers, who have played as well as anyone over the last three games. We look forward to seeing as many Glenelg supporters as possible out to support us this weekend at the Parade.

– Darren Reeves, Senior Coach

Goal kickers: Luke Reynolds (4), Lachie Hosie (4), Liam McBean (3), M. Allen (3), J. Bell, C. Lyons, C. McLeod, L. Partington

Best Players: Matt Allen, Cam McGree, Billy Stretch, Luke Partington, Jonty Scharenberg, Brett Turner