Team Selections

Women’s Round 9 Team Selections


The Tigers are looking to get back on the winner’s list this weekend, with a must-win clash coming up against the Panthers at Stratarama Stadium.

Junior state commitments and injury have resulted in several changes this week.

2023 recruit Anju Goninon will make her highly anticipated debut, while Alice Bradley returns from injury. Morgan Blackwell, Anja Bancevic and Rani Grant have also been named. 

These girls will replace Poppy Scholz, Matilda Scholz, Violet Patterson, Piper Window and Casie Coombe.

Excitingly, Lucy Armitage will play her 50th Hostplus SANFLW League game! Congratulations.

Entry is free to the game, or watch live via SANFL Now.

FORWARDS #43 Ella Boag #35 Alex Walker #26 Chelsea Packer
HALF FORWARDS #14 Lucy Armitage #31 Anju Goninon
CENTRE #16 Andi Moliere #2 Madisyn Freeman #7 Morgan Blackwell
HALF BACKS #18 Ellen Tyminski #4 Shay'Lee Dayman
BACKS #33 Demi McCarthy #15 Marie Martino #24 Laura Chigwidden
FOLLOWERS #55 Anja Bancevic #5 Ellie Kellock #13 Tessa Kohn
INTERCHANGE #21 Alice Bradley #9 Caitlyn Swanson #34 Rani Grant
#17 Madison Bennett #12 Tamsyn Morriss
IN Anju Goninon, Alice Bradley, Rani Grant, Anja Bancevic, Morgan Blackwell
OUT Poppy Scholz, Casie Coombe, Matilda Scholz, Violet Patterson, Piper Window